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Relaxing at Sandyport

Slipaway Cottage - Elbow Cay, Abaco - page 4

There are only 2 flights out of Marsh Harbor on Bahama Air - one is too early and the other too late.

We caught our chartered ferry at sunrise, said goodbye to Elbow Cay in time for a 7:50 AM flight to Nassau. Since we had to go through customs there, we were stuck with our luggage until the 4:15 flight to Ft. Lauderdale.

"Fred the Accomplisher" picked up a flyer and called Sandy Port - a new time share - and asked if we could just hang out for the day and spend some money at the restaurant and bar. They were amenable to the idea, locked up our luggage and sent us off with a couple of loaner beach towels. Didn't even make us sit through their sales pitch -- very nice people!

We had a nice breakfast with the first paper I had seen in a week, relaxed on their beach with a few last "Kaliks" and got back to the airport in plenty of time for our uneventful flights back to Brownsville -- where we we greeted by one of the worst cold fronts of the season. Welcome back to reality!

Many thanks to the nice people (Regis & Kelly, Howie, Atlantis, Slipaway Cottage, Sandy Port and - last but not least - FRED) for making this one of my most memorable vacations.

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