*according to the July 1990 edition of The Globe tabloid - and you know they never lie!

a feet photo

The Summer 2000 edition of the Lands End Kids Catalogue features a full-page spread on me - see the whole layout here. (Sand castle by sandy feet, photography by Amazin' Walter.)

Thank you, Lands End!

Lands End Picture of sandy feet

nature cover
WHY DOES SAND STAND? If you're like me, you probably don't have a clue. I read the column in Nature and still don't have a clue. But they used my photo - made it look real good, too and published our URL.



Right: feet in Sports Illustrated - 6/27/98

< By Golly She's Done It Again

Rather -- those Notre Dame Physicists have done it again. They managed to get this photo of one of sandy feet's castles on the cover of the September issue of Science News - a publication frequently found hanging around in school libraries.


  • 11/11 - Peoples Choice, Treasure Island (Sandingovations)
  • 11/11 - 5th Place, Ft. Myers Beach American Championship
  • 10/11 - 4th Place, SPI SandCastle Days
  • 3/11 - Peoples Choice (Duo, with John Gowdy) At Qatar Marine Festival - Doha, Qatar
  • 11/10 - Peoples Choice at Sanding Ovations Festival - Treasure Island, FL
  • 10/10 - Peoples Choice at SandCastle Days - South Padre Island, TX
  • 9/10 - 3rd Place at SandCastle Days - South Padre Island, TX
  • 4/10 - 3rd Place at Space Coast Open - Cape Canveral, FL
  • 9/09 - 2nd Place and Sculptors Choice at Neptune Festival - Virginia Beach, VA
  • 6/09 - 5th Place at Hampton Beach
  • 9/08 - 3rd place team (with Kirk Rademaker) at Virginia Beach
  • 7/08 - Third Place and Peoples Choice at Valladolid (Spain) international competition
  • 3/08 - First Place in Sandblasters '08***
  • 6/07 - Built a castle for the cover of Texas Monthly*
  • 3/07 - Second Place in both Sandblasters '07 and Port Aransas Sandfest***
  • 6/05 - New Book - "Sandcastles Made Simple" published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang - available everywhere!
  • 9/04 - Second Place (Team) - North American Championship** and Best Handstacked (Duo)** at the World Championship
  • 9/03 - Second Place (Team) - North American Championship** and Best Architecture (Team) at the World Championship (with Sons of the Beach)
  • 9/03 - "Dream Job" photo page in People Magazine
  • 8/03- 2nd Place (3rd Peoples Choice) at Cervia, Italy International competition**
  • 6/03 - "Regis & Kelly" reruns pay for my summer in Europe
  • Summer/02: Name or web site(s) referenced in the following publications: American Way, Redbook, Yahoo Internet Life, Martha Stewart's Living, Family Circle and Wall Street Journal
  • 07/02: Demo and workshops at Atlantis Resort, Bahamas **
  • 03/02: Appearance on 4 broadcasts of LIVE with Regis and Kelly
  • 10/01: People's Choice Award: SPI Sand Castle Days
  • 09/01: "Best Hand Stacked"- World Championship***
  • 07/01:1st Place - Cervia, Italy contest (with Carl Jara)
  • 03/01: Invitation to represent the US in Luliang, China contest (5th place)
  • 10/00: Peoples Choice Award at SPI Sand Castle Days
  • 9/00: AP article splashes me all over major publications nationwide - part 1, part 2
  • 6/00: 1st Place C101 Contest in Corpus Christi
  • 5/00: "sandy feet - queen of sandcastles" featured editorial section of the summer LandsEnd Catalogue
  • 7/99: Review of our specialty sand carving tools appears in the New York Times - sales skyrocket!*
  • 6/99: pictures of us and our sandsculpture appear in "Self" Magazine and Crayola Kids Magazine*
  • 8/98: Self-published new edition of sand castle how-to book (over 4000 copies sold to date via the internet)
  • 7/98: Project in Belgium with Inaxi
  • 6/98: Picture of me (in swimsuit!) published in June 27 issue of Sports Illustrated along with web site review of unlitter.com
  • 6/98: Third place at Italy's first international invitational competition in Jesolo
  • 6/97: Picture of one of my castles chosen for Nature Journal cover
  • 4/97: Chosen as feature for new Best Buy TV Ad*
  • 9/96: "Best Handstacked" - World Championships
  • 6/96: First Place, C-Sculptures, Corpus Christi TX
  • 7/95: First Woman sculptor to be invited to Parksville Competition
  • 4/90: Wrote Sand Castles Step-by-Step, published by Meadowbrook Press
  • 9/87: Second Place at Neptunefest, Virginia Beach*
  • 1987-90: Guinness World Record for longest sandsculpture*

* accomplished with Amazin' Walter
** accomplished with Fred Mallett
*** accomplished with Kirk Rademaker

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