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Feet does the Rialtorialto

A Day Trip to Venice

Got caught in the rain in Venice today. It started out lovely so there I was in a sundress with no sweatshirt...


Right: On the ferry with my dtravel companions -- Judy & John with Damon & Beth hovering in the background

Jesolo Lido

Damon the birdman

Above: The view of Jesolo Lido from the ferry

Tagged along with those married folks - John/Judy and feet san marcosDamon/Beth. We strolled from San Marcos Square to the Rialto, had lunch in a nearby trattoria where the charming waiter snapped a group shot for us. From there we split up to pursue our varied agendas.

Right: self portrait in San Marcos Square


Left: Damon feeding pigeons... or looking for a handout? Don't ask Donatello (or Boticelli either)


Judy and I were into the shopping thing so we followed our noses, spent lots of bucks, and discovered wee were a 40 minute walk from the square 35 minutes before we were to meet up with John there... just as it started to sprinkle. During the ferry ride back to Jesolo it began to rain in earnest and was yet another scary storm by the time we disembarked.

Left: group shot at lunch time

Right: A human statue

human statue

All the passengers piled on a bus, destination unknown. We got off at a stop we hoped was close to the hotel but was in fact a good 15 minute walk/run and got soaked to the bone. Thank goodness John let me wear his sweatshirt because I really was suffering.


Above: some Venitian graffitti

Below: Judy keeps an anxious eye out for John in the square


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