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Day Six - Judgement Day

Well, the judges have spoken and once again I fail to place. No big surprise here. My stuff is just too weird I guess though I did get some very nice feedback from some people. One lady told me that my piece "invitationed peoples to meditate." Another mother-daughter team came up to me after the contest and the mom said her little girl came and watched me every day and loved me and wanted to give me a kiss and a little present -- a sticker that says bellisima! It is a treasure....

Above: the moment of truth

Below: John & rich tabulate the votes for the amateur competition

vote count

am winner

Above: W'er going to Disney Land! ... the winners of the amateur contest

Below: A group shot

group shot


Above: Massimo can finally relax again

1st place

2nd place

Above Right: John Gowdy's winning sculpture

Left: Second Place and People's Choice - Leo Ugolini

Right: Third Place & Sculptor's Choice Award - Damon Farmer

Below: A final shot of my sculpture, sans tent

third place


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