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Below: Happy Birthday Flavia!



Right: The rocks of Caerle

6/22/99 Rock Carving in Caerle

Only two more days of my vacation left. Dreamt I got home and the dogs had disappeared along with all the rest of my worldly possessions. Of course I have the utmost faith in the friends who are taking care of things in my absence -- of course I do.

It is our hostess' birthday - I caught her just when her flowers arrived. The Hotel Corallo is a cozy, friendly family-run hotel whose owners and staff have remained amazingly helpful and cheerful while putting up with a bunch of messy foreign sand sculptors.



Today John, Rich and I taxied to Caerle (about 30 minutes away from Jesolo), where they have an annual stone carving competition on the rocky seawall. What a great way to make a mark! John and Rich both have experience carving rock/stone/marble while I have thought for some time that this kind of sculpture did not interest me.

little girl


Below: one of this year's crop of sculptors at work


Left: a pretty little German girl consented to pose for this photo. Some of the sculptures just beg to be interacted with...

Today's experience changed that and I have a newly discovered enthusiasm for learning how to do this. For mere money I could go to the workshop in Colorado that John is always raving about - learn my way around the tools and come back with a finished piece. Probably too late to try to work it out for this summer but not too soon to start thinking about next...

Below: John and Rich getting inspired

John & Rich




Above: One of my favorites - a dolphin fighting its way out of a fishing net




Right: feet throned. Just about the time Rich snapped this photo I realized I was sitting in a rather deep pool of water...

Back in time for lunch, took a short nap and went shopping for a new suitcase. Very yellow and very sharp and amazin' will probably turn green with envy.

feet throned

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