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Day Five - last chance to get it right

I have to spend most of the morning cleaning up the mess left by the storm, and the damage at the top is simply inaccessible and must be left in its rubble-like state.

The plan continues to evolve -- new roads are added, travelers and thinkers placed on them and (below) an arched entry way that does not clarify anything.


Below: the fallen arch is resurrected and carved better than the first time (IMHO) and a despairing traveler discovers he has picked the wrong road.



another sign

Above: a new road sign appears, with someone to study it

Right: Repaired and replaced as many ball and pedestals as I have time for




At 7 pm th econtest is officially over, though the amateur competition and judging is still scheduled for tomorrow. Some of us grab a quick dinner at a nearby pizzeria...



... and and even smaller group presses on into the Jesolo night scene.

Cruised the strip with two of the other sculptors, drank lots of beer and got into a weighty discussion on what qualifies as art. Mark - the guy from England - does not consider what we do as "art" because so much of it is replicas or "borrowed" from illustrations. He must have been talking about other sandsculptors' work however as my piece is none of the above.

Have been in e-mail contact with someone who describes himself as a "up and coming film director" who may be wanting to employ my services in NYC right after I get back from Italy. He may have a deal to film a music video for def jams records where I will carve the artist's name, logo and a scaled down version of the NYC skyline.

Probably won't qualify as art -- at least by Mark's definition. Mine, however is much broader and the money doesn't hurt either.

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