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Day Four - Storm Clouds Gathering

The day starts out warm and sunny and once gain I am grateful for the shade the tent provides. It sure makes it hard to get good photos, though.

Left: Today I have added a mother and child (cut off at far left of the picture, a guy staring at the confusing road sign and biting his nails, topiary dragons and big steps.... and that is just the "front."



Right: Still more balls.

far left

Left: A spiral tree (just for fun), another rock scrambler, a better view of mama and bambino.

Right: A big-ass arch and fun with the sob column tool.

By mid afternoon the weather has changed. Storm clouds are gathering on the horizon and a cold wind blows. The storm obligingly waits until we are off the beach to strike, but it strikes hard. Horizontal rain and an incredible light show, which we enjoy from the cozy hotel bar whle trying not to think about those poor defenseless sculptures braving the weather.

Massimo drops by with our travel reimbursements and we are all feeling rich. I talk to him about the possibility of extending my stay here in Jesolo and he says no problema. Since I am only a short water taxi ride from Venice, I will be able to explore that city doing the day trip thing from here and save myself some dough - an appealing prospect even with all this money in my picket.... the better to shop with of course!


after the storm

Left: the morning after the storm. I got hit pretty hard - you will note the bambino has been injured beyond repair, the head scratcher totally demolished, the lower rock scrambler is now armless, the big stairs trashed and the big-ass arch fallen. What you cannot see in this picture is the melted balls left of front. That is the direction the rain came from and it took out some at the very top where I cannot access for repairs without taking out a bunch of other stuff.

A major bummer for sure for sure.

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