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self portrait

Day Three - Still Standing

The crack is still spreading but not getting any wider and though the pile still seems to be shifting ever so slightly, the arch configuration near the top does not appear to be in any imminent danger. I continue to feel optimistic.

Left: a self portait in front of my sculpture

Below: a blocked entryway, a rock scrambler

one view


Right: I have lots of balls. The guy is trapped in them. The bridge is out, another guy stares stupidly, scratching his head.

another view

yet another view
Left: The head-scratcher, another blocked entryway. Above that, someone resting.

Right: Our table in the hotel dining room. We give the server lady big headaches I am sure.

the hand purseAfter dinner, some of us go off in search of a pool table. We find one at a place called "Gasoline" - not far from the hotel. Here we get into a spirited discussion of Italian gestures, such as the "hand purse" (as illustrated by Azzurra on the left) and the priestly gesture that Leo is very fond of as he performs for the camera on the right.

a leoism


Above: Dave and Mark confer about pool strategies

Below: Bruno, Leo and Azzura enjoying a cold one


Below: Feet under Texas


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