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day two - lunch break

Day Two - Still Standing

A worrisome vertical crack has appeared on the top structure - just to the right of the little guy under the peace sign. I am feeling discouraged and pessimistic but uncertainty is part of the job.

Left: my progress at lunch break

The crack has widened and is spreading diagonally to the right leg of the top little guy. I maintain my veneer of serenity.

Right: While we were on break, some nice elves came by and brought us shade. That aspect of the tent is much appreciated, but it wreaks havoc with the photo shooting. The tents will be removed prior to judging. This photo shows most of what I had accomplished by the end of the second day.

end of day two

Left: Can you tell they are newlyweds? Azzurra watches hubby at work.

Right: The wives club - Judy (wife of John); Beth (wife of Damon) and Dawn (wife of Massimo) seem to be managing to entertain themselves.


After dinner, we sit out on the hotel patio scratching mosquito bites, drinking beer, playing chess and exchanging war stories. I feel very comfortable and happy being among my friends and I am reminded all over again how lucky I am to work with - and compete against - such great people.

the ladies

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