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apre lunch

Ciao Cesena...

I take a nice stroll down to the square to the news stand where I know they have copies of an English language newspaper, which I consume with an espresson and a pastry at a nearby cafe. A nice leisurely morning, then Leo and Azzurra pick me up and we drive to Jesolo. I am very grateful that I do not have to schlep my luggage onto yet another train.


This is me with Leonardo and Azzurra after lunching on the hotel patio.

Ciao Jesolo!

We arrive about 2 pm and learn that most of the other sculptors are working on a demo at a bar called Terrazzo Mare. After lunch at the hotel snack bar, Leo and Azzurra decide to hang at the hotel, so I start hiking in the general direction of where I think this place is. It is a very long hike, but I am happy to have made it because it is really good to see so many of my friends in one spot after so much time traveling by myself.

Right: Leo and I take a stroll over the the contest area to take a look at the piles. They are big.



We drink beer. Play some pingpong. Drink some more beer. Carve a little (them, not me!) By the time we get a ride back to the hotel with my old amigo Luciano, it is too late for dinner at the hotel so we dine nearby at Dona Louisa's.

Left: the demo castle at Terrazz Mare


Right: On the balcony of my room at the Hotel Corralo


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