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suzi Update 8/99Having recently upgraded my wheels, I thought it was about time to update this page as well.... introducing "Suzi cream Cheese"!I purchased this Suzuki Samauri from a good friend, slapped some new wheels and a coat of paint and I am just as proud as as can be of her.Yes, I still have the wee beastie (see below) - but she needs some TLC which I will get around to at the first opportunity....

Okay, she's been around the block a time or two and she's damn near as old as I am (which in car years makes her about 145, I reckon) but she's reliable, she's loaded with personality and she's just about perfect for tooling around the island.

hood  I'm such a good driver I don't care who knows who is behind the wheel -- note crudely-enhanced door feet in background

<You know that big ol' Apple sticker they send you with every new Macintosh? Well, here's where I stuck mine.


Special thanks to Steve "DuneHead" Mutter for making this baby road-worthy... if it hadn't been for him, she'd be moldering away in a junk heap somewhere, and I'd probably be driving something Aunt Lu would approve of.

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