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My Summer Vacation

I spent two and a half weeks in San Diego working on the world's tallest and largest sand sculpture with about 100 sculptors from all over the world in Aug. & Sept. of 1997. It was a lot like being at summer camp....

Many more San Diego pictures

Right: Fashionable sandsculptor headgear, thanks to Amazin'

Below: If I were going to tattoo myself, it might look very much like this. Here I am posing with the artist, Rusty Croft, sporting a tattoo I drew on him.




Earlier in the summer I did a whirlwind tour of the Northeast US: Atlantic City, NYC, Princeton Junction NJ and Philidelphia. Here are a few pictures...

room < This is what $36 bucks a night will get you in Greenwich Village


I did manage to make it to the top of the Empire State Building...


but the city was HOT - really enjoyed my stay with Dennis, his mom and their pool in Princeton Junction


Sometimes the line between work and play becomes very blurry indeed. This is me researching a page I did on SPI's clothing optional beaches

mystery link

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