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In Oct. of 1997, I acquired a new backyard sand box. It is my goal to keep a running web journal of what gets built in it.

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Nov. 7, 1997

The box itself was created by Dennis from old pieces of dock and a deck. It measures 12' by 12' and is filled with approximately 8 tons of SPI sand.

Dennis wanted to add more (!) but that is always something that can be addressed at a later date, of course.

 Nov. 9, 1997

This photo was shot the day after my birthday, so you can still see some of the party decorations (this was after a rainy day, so they are a bit bedraggled.)

This first set of forms was filled during the party (credit Amazin' Walter with most of the shoveling.)

The plan is to form up at least two more structures before I begin carving... ?



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