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"Everybody's Talkin' At Me"

Revere Beach 2006

Location: Revere Beach, Boston

Date: July, 2006

Particulars: I love my iPod. And I suppose that is why it is a recurring theme in my sculptures...

In this particular piece, the iPod allows the woman to keep her inner peace undisturbed by all the chitterchatter going on around her. The irony of course is that there are no words in this sculpture -- except of course the ones on the iPod's screen.

Basically, I am a big fan of silence.

Once again, no trophy for me. But I really loved carving this piece and it still gives me pleasure to look at it. Thank you Mr. Harry Nilsson for giving me a great song to hang a sculpture idea on.

"Everybody's Talkin' At Me" by sandy feet

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