sand sculpture by sandy feet

competitive sand sculpture photos

Sandfest 2005

iPod nAtion

Location: Port Aransas (Texas) Sandfest

Date: April, 2005

Category: Solo

Particulars: Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I love my iPod(s - I have two in case one runs out of battery power before I am finished carving for the day.) I have playlists created just for different stages of a contest, including "gofast" for shoveling; "thinkhard" and "dreamon."

Even so, I like and support live music with great enthusiasm. The musician in this sculpture is having a very rough time scoring any tips, due to the fact that his potential audience members are each plugged into his or her personal audio world.

Tough world for a picker.

keyboard side

"'iPod nAtion"

climber side

feet at work

the back was meant to suggest Apple's highly successful advertising campaign

panda side

iPod nAtion by sandy feet

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