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Above: Beth, Rich and Damon cruising down a narrow Venetian alley

Below: The view of San Marcos from the ferry

One Last Day Trip to Venice

And then there were four.

Damon, Beth, Rich and I had a gorgeous day in Venice the day before our respective departures. I went prepared for cold and rain so of course there was not a cloud in the sky.

Below: Venice's Grand Canal makes a great photo background, no?

feet canal
view from ferry


Left: Damon had the pigeon thing going again...

Below: We saw some signs of the Bienniele Art Exposition in progress, such as this installation at the Estonia Pavillion


Above: View of the square from the Bell Tower

Right: View of Saint Marc's Basilica

We stood in a fast moving line to take the elevator ride up the Bell Tower in San Marcos Square. The view of the city was quite breathtaking and because it was such a clear day we were able to see a lot.


group shot

Above: The obligatory group shot in a mostly deserted square where I could fire up the self-timer

Below: For some reason ethnic restaurants are not common sites in these parts - after a steady diet of pasta it was great to get some decent Chinese food for lunch.

chinese restaurant


Left: the obligatory shots of gondola, and...

Below: Gondolier. This one did a good job of pulling off the macho thing while wearing the traditional be-ribboned hat


Below: View of the Rialto from a nice little cafe where we enjoyed a couple of capuccinos


rich and feet
Above: Rich and I on the Rialto

Then it was time once again to say our goodbyes to Jesolo, Italy and all the great people who made us feel so welcome there. Arrividerci and hope to see you next year.... ciao!

Right: One last dinner at Dona Lola's with Massimo and Dawn


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