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the contest

see Russell's Paintings inspired by the entries

thanks to writer Sara Johnston for shooting in-progress shots

My piece is a castle with a captive audience of moon gazers. You can see more pictures of my piece here.

moon man with dog
Sylvia This is Sylvia at work on her piece featuring people having fun in the water
Leonardo's castle - I guess he was taking a break... Leo's

This is Rich Varanno at work on his castle

Rich always had a crowd at his piece. Having never seen the likes of his angels, trees and waterfalls, the peanut gallery was blown away.

Right: Luciano, Son of the Beach

Below: Lunch at the Grifone Restaurant - courtesy of Luciano

another lunch

Luciano, SOB

My pile just as I started. We had a lot of sand to work with.  It had a very high clay content, which was good. But it also had a high rock and shell content - which is not so good....



Above: laundry time - special thanks to Massimo's wife Dawn for letting Russell use her washing machine

Right: Free Lance writer Sara Johnston came down from England to research for an article on me


Left: Leo clowning around

Below: Yes, another puncture. Glad we had that spare fixed...

puncture # 2

Right: Massimo - Son of the Beach - with the event poster. This was the last picture I took before the digital camera went kaput. Hmmmm... Massimo, SOB

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