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demo castle - day 2

After a good night's sleep, we were happy to see that everything was still standing the next morning.

The sand is good - better than the beach sand as it has a very high clay content. Unfortunately, it also has a high shell, rock and root content (though the latter may be due to the fact that it was moved by an excavator after it was delivered.)

Last night Leonardo's girlfriend - Azzurra - arrived and we got to meet her this morning (below, in the black trousers.) She is very profficient in English and a lot of fun to be around as well.

feet carving


Rich and Leonardo

You will also note the Texas and South Padre Island flags proudly flying.

At left, Leonardo and Rich showing off =)

Lunch - like all the meals here - is a big deal. Today's was furnished by Luciano and featured lots of fish, calamari, shrimp and his homemade wine.

We have eaten very well here - dinner at the hotel features a salad bar, two courses and all the wine we care to imbibe. Every night we get to fill out our requests from several choices offered for the next night. Since many are dishes with which we Americans are unfamiliar, it is always an adventure to see what's going to turn up on the table.


the Mayor

Above: The Mayor of Jesolo stopped by to check out our progress and lend a helping hand.

Right: Russell risked his life to step out into the busy roundabout and give a clearer picture of where we were building.

busy roundabout

Right: Rich does a bang-up job on the logo. This was tough because he had to do a lot of patching to get it so clean. Everyone was very impressed by his dolphin as well. Rich's logo

3 sculptors

Left: Almost finished....

Below: I guess it looked like we were having too much fun because suddenly (suspiciously close to the end) Russell decided it needed a British contribution. Then he wrapped himself up in the Union Jack to make sure the point was not missed by anyone.

Russell carving

russell with flag



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