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leal makes cablesIt is entirely fitting that I should wind up the contest reports of this trip on (lucky) number page 13. the sculpture is basically finished - it will be all surface detail today. My art student team member (I think her name is pronounced Leal though I have no idea how to spell it) has done a wonderful job. the picture at left is of her working on the rats nest of cables coming from the CPU which will of course trail out into an eletrical plug.

Judging is this afternoon. I suspect that I don't have much of a chance of placing in the money - the other pieces are much more polished - but I do not think that is the only way of measuring success. I think the piece works on a different level, as a true cooperative effort between people who mostly communicated with facial expressions, by drawing lines in the sand, with exaggerated hand movements, quick nods of approval.

bird screen

Lots of smiles. The energy on this pile was very good indeed, and I am very grateful to each member of my team - volunteers all - who worked very hard in adverse circumstances to help me create my vision and a sculpture of which I will always be very proud.

the cpu

the spectator


the keyboard

name screens
the names of the people who worked on the sculpture

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the team
the team

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