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that's me!This was the third day of the contest. The sun came out and I was able to get down to one laayer of clothes - shorts and t-shirt. My arm is feeling much better (good Chinese drugs) and my team is steaming along.

We are down to the last form and still have 3.5 days to work - I reckon we are right on schedule.

Last night our Chinese sculptor friends hosted a party at the hotel. I was doing internet stuff for a while but managed to make the last hour or so. Kareoke was happening and watching Wilfred and Peter do a love song duet in Chinese was truly a rare treat.... can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.jesse hisself

Getting some great feedback on these pages - thanks to all who have taken the time to let me know you are following along. Special for Jessica at WSSA - a photo of Jesse - the guy who translates for us, listens to all our silly little complaints and generally keeps us on schedule. It takes a lot of dedicated people to pull something like this off, and I know from personal experience it is a mostly thankless job. I think I can speak for all the sculptors when I say "We appreciate you."

Some more random observations: I have not seen a single cat since arriving in China... and precious few birds. We drive on a major highway back to Luliang during what would be considered rush hour anywhere else every day, but I have never seen more than one or two cars on the road. Something better than hot chocolate on a cold windy day - the hot ginger-flavored broth they served us.

post lunch siesta on the grass

a multi-screen smiley face starts to take shape

Happy Birthday Sue Wierenga Pyle!!! I renewed your domain name for another 2 years on the off chance you will actually do something with it someday, and will bring you a special little something from China - love, cin.

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