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Shanghai - 11:16 PM local time, 9:16 AM Texas time 2/26/01

Well here I am.
Room is nice, fully equipped with robe, toiletries and a bathroom scale (I weigh 54 whatevers). Good thing too since my luggage did not manage to keep up with me. (How would I get by without my bathroom scale???)

Flight here was not at all bad. Bumped up to first class from Brownsville all the way to San Francisco. Flight delayed out of Houston - Kirk was there to meet me and god it was good to see him even if only for a few minutes. Had to dash to make my Air China flight - I made it if my luggage did not - but it was way under-booked so I had a window seat and a whole row to stretch out in. Arrived in Shanghai 13 hours later - it is cold here.

Nice people here to meet me.1.5 hour drive to the Rainbow hotel - comfy accommodations with hot water for tea simmering in wait. Took long hot shower, tried to connect with aol but no luck. Have another cup of tea.

sipping tea in my hotel
sipping tea, gazing into the streets of Shanghai


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