sand sculpture by sandy feet

competitive sand sculpture photos

"Tiki Time"

Quebec Expocite 2005

Location: Quebec City, Quebec

Date: Aug., 2005

Category: Duo, with Fred

Particulars: My good friend Nancy Marsden introduced me to the world of Tiki last year with the "ceremonial lighting of the Tiki Torch" and I have wanted to do a Tiki-themed sand sculpture ever since. I have also wanted to do a cuckoo clock that was not a cuckoo clock and somehow the ideas merged and became one.

Fred was a bt of a hardsell on this one and I am still not sure he cares much for it, though he did a wonderful job on the hut and vegetation and let me Tiki out. I picked up a nasty bug in Quebec and wasn't firing on all pistons during the event but had fun anyways.

keyboard side

"Tiki Time"

climber side

feet at work

panda side

"Tiki Time" by sandy feet and Fred Mallett

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