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"Stepping Outside of Myself"

South Padre Island Sandcastle Days 2005

Location: South Padre Island, TX

Date: Oct., 2005

Category: Solo Masters

Place: 4th

Particulars: This is an extremely personal sculpture. The contest coincided with one of the lowest periods of my life, and this piece was a studied and deliberate attempt to pull myself out of the deep depression I had sunk into.

Sandsculpture as more than a hobby; more than a job. It's therapy.

It meant a lot to place with this piece.

"All My Exes Win in Texas"

From Left: Carl Jara, 1st place (former partner); Kirk Rademaker, 5th place (boyfriend 1999-2001, 2006-?); Me, 4th place; Fred Mallett, 3rd place (boyfriend 2001-2005) and Amazin' Walter, 2nd place (boyfriend/husband 1985-1992)

This was the last year the SoBs were involved in the organization of the contest or the building of the demo sculpture... which means it is probably the last time I will carve the event logo.

Eighteen years of hard work does not even rate us a mention on the event website. Bastards.

(Obviously, my therapy is not yet fully complete.)

Many of these photos were taken by Adelaide - only one of a whole bunch of really good friends who helped me through this really difficult time.

"Stepping Outside of Myself"

"Stepping Outside of Myself" by sandy feet

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