Location: South Padre Island, TX Sand Castle Days

Dates: Oct. 17-19, 2002

Place: Peoples Choice

Particulars:Fred the Accomplisher came up with this idea - a series of sculptures depicting various stages of a sneeze. I thought it could be a fun piece and also serve as a serious exercise in carving facial expressions. It may not look like a lot of sand, but it turned out to be one of the most demanding pound-ups I have ever attempted solo.

I was somewhat discouraged by spectators' reactions - they would walk up and immediately ask "who are these people and what do they signify?" -- without even bothering to study it and try to figure it out for themselves.

I derive much pleasure from studying an artwork and attempting to discern for myself what the artist was attempting to convey, rather then having it spelled out for me. I suppose I am in a minority on this though.

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title piece

"Mom Feets" stuffs the ballot box

Since I am one of the organizers of this event working on my home beach, the only fair way to do a "Peoples Choice" is to make it a non-serious fundraiser for my favorite charity, the local humane society. Spectators are asked to vote for their favorites by stuffing the tip jar. Many thanks to all my friends and supporters for helping me win three years running! (and raising funds for a very important cause at the same time.)

"Bless You!"

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first tickle








(they always come in multiples, right?)



with mike

lmhs sign


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