A Small Piece of Padre...

Sandrops are sandcastles that fit in your hand. Centerpieces are built in place in boxes and don't melt like ice sculptures do.

If you are planning a group gathering of some sort on South Padre Island, consider commissioning a sand castle centerpiece instead of an ice sculpture or another vase of fake flowers. Prices start as low as $400 and I have a variety of different sized boxes to fit your table and budget.

Over the past decade, I have created these centerpieces for

  • Corporate Conventions
  • Wedding/Bridal Showers and Receptions
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Birthday Parties
  • Press Conferences
  • Anniversaries

In the larger boxes I can include a name or a logo in addition to lots of intricate sand castle detail.

These sculptures MUST be built in place. Depending on how large and detailed a sculpture you want, I will need access to the site 3-5 hours prior to the start of your function. If you so desire, I can continue working through the event and answer any questions the members of your group might have concerning techniques, tools, etc.

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iorm castle

 c101 castle


For more information or to get a bid on a project you might have in mind, e-mail me or call 956-761-6222.

Sandrops come planted in clay pots; range in price from $100 up and they don't ship well. Some hold candles. Some are round on the bottom and sit on pedestals.


To be quite honest - web design has pretty much taken over my life for the moment and I am enjoying committing my non-computer time to larger projects. So if you really, REALLY want one of these you will have to be extremely persistent and bug me without mercy.


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