Title: "Obstacles"

Location: Port Aransas, TX

Event: Sandfest

Dates: April 2-4, 2004

Particulars: It's an old old story: Boy meets girl; boy loses girl; boy tries to get back to girl but - there are always obstacles dadgumit! A bridge troll here, a slow moving family of ducks there and if you get by all of that the king and queen -- who only want the best prince for their beloved daughter -- present a formidable barriar to the frustrated "knite."

We had a really enjoyable trip up the intercoastal again on "The Sweat Equity" - Fred's 30 ft SeaRay. Fred even lets me take the helm sometimes (like, when he needs to go below to refresh his beverage.)

Many thanks to everyone at Port Aransas for another great event, and special thanks to my sponsor Keith McMullen who keeps supporting my efforts in spite of the fact that I never win anything at this event ;-)

Lucinda 'sandy feet" Wierenga - South Padre Island, TX


The night after the contest ended a pretty good storm blew through -- below you can see what it did to the event tent, and below that you can see what my sculpture looked like the next morning.

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