Location: Port Aransas, TX

Event: Sandfest

Dates: April 3-6, 2003

Particulars: I really liked this sculpture - largely because it is really different than anything else I am seeing being done with sand. The whole window thing is pretty cool (I think) and I suspect it will not be the last time I visit it...

As always, I wanted this sculpture to read on more than one level. My goal was to tell a story with three window scenes; I knew it would have to be a very simple story if many spectators were going to be able to pick up on it. There are a lot of triangles, obviously (can you spot the triangular sails in the living room wall hanging?) but the real story here is -- of course! -- the love triangle: two men; one woman -- and a dog that needs to go out, I suppose.

Many thanks to everyone at Port Aransas for another great event, and special thanks to my sponsor Keith McMullen who keeps supporting my efforts in spite of the fact that I never win anything at this event ;-)

feet with Triangle

Lucinda 'sandy feet" Wierenga - South Padre Island, TX


(the image below is a clickable image map - the links are to detail shots)

the still side

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