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The Secret Lives of Seashells

Location: Port Angeles, WA

Dates: July 22-24, 2004

Particulars: This was a themed contest - "Under the Sea" was this year's. I decided to go goofy and tried to imagine what kind of fantasy life could be going about its business in and around seashells down in the deepest depths. I know, these shells don't look like any you have in your collection. Mine either.

Texas is a whole different continent on the planet/pearl. The happy little mermaids are topless, o my. And yes, that is the Beatles yellow submarine drifting out of the nautilus-like thingy on the left.

I liked this piece a lot, which guaranteed that the judges wouldn't.

This was my first time at this contest -- and the first time I have been in this part of the world during summer. I was impressed all the way around.

Lucinda 'sandy feet" Wierenga - South Padre Island, TX

"Microcosms: The Secret Lives of Shells"

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