Location: Harrison Hot Springs

Dates: Sept. 2-4, 2003

Particulars: We thought we had a pretty cool concept here - anyone standing in the middle of the sculpture would not be able to see what lies behind the doors -- you know, the unanticipated consequences thing. But it was perhaps an overly-ambitious piece; the sand on that part of the beach was crap -- more like asphalt, really; and we had a serious collapse the second day. (That's all the excuses I can think of for now.)

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Our Team Piece with the SoBs: coming soon

the team



whole thing

clubs 1

"Club (777)" - How many members is _too many?

clubs 2

clubs and diamonds

diamond girl
diamond detail

Diamonds - The lovely face of treachery


Spades - Off to the beach (she's not waiting for anyone)

heart door

Heart - cracks will open -- and its a long slide down a bottomless pit...

heart slide

panoramic view

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