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School's Out!

Location: Hampton Beach, NH

Dates: June 16-18, 2004

Particulars: This contest is the first one of the summer, and is scheduled to coincide with the first big weekend of this resort's big season. So I thought it might be fun to do a postcard kinda thing welcoming everyone to summer. I also thought this sculpture would be a good chance to play with a different way to make sand stand; I had never tried "softpack" on this kind of scale before and since this method is going to be a chapter in my new sand castle how-to book (due out next spring) I figured I ought to have some experience with it. Fortunately, the acknowledged expert on softpack - Suzanne Altamare - was also at this event and gave me some good tips.

Unfortunately, midway through this contest the weather turned to something very unsummerlike. A massive downpour wiped out a lot of my detail and textured everything. Judging day was cold and wet and miserable (which explains the questionmark you will see if you look for it).

Lucinda 'sandy feet" Wierenga - South Padre Island, TX

"School's Out"

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