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It's Good 2B Queen

Location: World Championship, Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia

Year: 2004

Place: Best handpacked, Doubles Category

Sculptors: Fred Mallett and sandy feet

Particulars: Alternative title - suggested by an astute spectator traveling (and obviously exasperated with) her elderly parental unit: "Yes, Mother"


This was a fun piece, though sadly we do not have any photos of the complete finish, as the night after the contest ended (and before we had gotten around to shooting photos) a monster storm rolled in and sent a river raging through the middle of it. We do have some in-progress shots - thanks to Laurie Gaudi - but much was lost. A kind local who brought us coffee and good cheer during the worst of the weather shot lots and promised to send them but alas, the photos never materialized. Though hope lives on that perhaps he will run across this site and still come through...

The queen is pausing for brief respite on her journey down the mountain from her castle to the village of her loyal subjects. She has three minions offering her food, drink and a foot rub. She seems quite satisfied with her lot. And why shouldn't she be?

keyboard side

"It's Good To Be Queen"

climber side

feet at work

bird screen

Above: What was left of the village after the tsunami came through...

panda side

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