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Baggage (chuck it here)

South Padre Island 2005

Location: South Padre Island, Texas

Date: October, 2004

Category: Solo

Particulars: It is hard for me to believe that I came to Texas nearly 25 years ago with one smallish suitcase of clothing and a trunk full of books. Where did all the rest of it come from???

I have a hard time parting with stuff - just ask my mom. But every once in a while I go ino a purging frenzy and attempt to lighten the load of objects I have managed to accumulate.

The faceless guy in this sculpture is carrying a huge load of useless crap (except of course the teddy bear. Everyone shold hang on to at least one teddy bear, wouldn't you agree?) We all hang on to too much crap, I reckon. The little guy at the top has managed to part with his, and doesn't he look happy?

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"Baggage" by sandy feet

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