feet carving

sand sculpture by sandy feet

with Fred Mallett

4th of July at Atlantis

Paradise Island, Bahamas July 4-6, 2002

Demo Photos • Workshop Photos

My first visit to Atlantis was in Feb. of 2002, when I was invited to create sculpture for four broadcasts of LIVE with Regis and Kelly, hosted by the resort. I was accompanied by "Fred the Accomplisher" who was instrumental in making the whole thing proceed smoothly (see the story/photos here.) It was a wonderful experience and I guess the folks at Atlantis must have liked it as well, since they invited us back to help celebrate the Fourth of July festivites on Paradise Island.

The plan was to work on a demo sculpture over three days, while incorporating a series of "how-to" workshops for the resort's guests.

The nice people at Atlantis gave us a lot of freedom in the demo design. Since the architecture, landscaping and design elements at Atlantis are so incredbly unique and interesting (not to mention inspiring), we decided to model our sculpture on our surroundings. Not exactly a replica, but perhaps a sculpture similar to what the ancient Atlanteans might have contstructed.

fred carving

Fred... Accomplishing

one side

Day Two

After removing the two top layers of forms, this is what we had managed to accomplish in between workshops.

another side

Back in February, the sculptures we built lasted the whoe four days we had worked on them. This time we were not so lucky. The morning of the 3rd (and final) day, this is what we found.

post collapse

During the night, someone had come and totally trashed every bit of carved work, including that of our workshop students.

Assessing our situation, we noticed that the remaining pile of sand had roughly the same shape as the Atlantean "Mayan Temple" - a popular waterslide at the resort. Very convenient.


Detail of Fred's dolphins


Detail of feet's water slide


The finished sculpture - completed in one day


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