sand sculpture by sandy feet

competitive sand sculpture photos


Texas Sandfest 2007

Location: Port Aransas

Date: April, 2007

Team: Trowel and Error - with Kirk Rademaker

Particulars: Kirk and I - fresh off our 2nd place victory with Sand Blasters II and a fun corporate project in Puerto Rico - were excited to compete together again in Port A's new team category.

He had lately become fascinated with the mechanisms and images to be found by closely inspecting such common articles as -- fishing reels.

The weather was miserable, but we managed to have a good time. Hooray for Frog Togs!

Poor Dan & Meredith, building right next to us. Had to keep hearing "Look at the Fish!" Serves 'em right for besting us twice in a row -- Just like Sand Blasters, they took first and we took second place.

a tangle of fishing line...

a fishing reel...

a big ol' fishamotive....

rolling down the tracks....

more fishing line, which is almost always attached to...

the lure and the hook

"Sur-reel" by sandy feet and Kirk Rademaker

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