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"That's Life"

"Tournament of Champions"

Location: Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia

Date: May, 2006

Teammate: Amazin' Walter

Particulars: Amazin' and I go way back as partners, but it has been many many years since we attempted a competitive peice together.

Our styles -- not to mention our ways of apporaching a contest sculpture -- have diverged considerably since the last time we did this, and I think it is fair to say that this sculpture is somewhat... disjointed. But it does have some really lovely elements and I truly enjoyed working with that SoB again...

The goal was to have three distinct towers featuring three distinct styles of architecture with lots and lots of little characters doing the things that characters do. "That's Life" indeed.

This was a really fun contest. We had never experienced Harrison - home of the Sept. World Championship - in the spring. The pound ups were completed before we arrived so very little shoveling was required. What a treat!

This contest was the last time I saw Joe Maize. He didn't participate in any of the parties - not all that unusual for him but I am sorry he doesn't show up in any of the photos I shot. I can't help but wonder if he was already suffering from the effects of the cancer that would take him from us just three months later...

I think this comedy/tragedy mask set is my favorite thing I carved on this sculpture

Walter's Tower

Group shot of some of the sculptors who participated in this contest

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