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"Shine On Harvest Moon"

Arts In Action 2006

Location: Port Angeles, WA

Date: July, 2006

Particulars: Well, this is two sculptures in a row stealing their titles from songs (here's the first one). Starting to look like a trend....

This is the contest where we are assigned a theme. And this year that theme was "Fun on the farm." Since I couldn't see myself carving cows or chickens or cutesy little sheep, this theme caused me to suffer a great deal of angst. Then fellow sculptor Dan Belcher turned me on to a great (Texan) band - The Asylum Street Spankers - and I downloaded some of their songs from iTunes, one of which is an excellent version of "Shine On Harvest Moon." I set out to learn the chords to play it on my ukulele and... bingo! Lovers spooning under the willow tree sure sounds like fun on the farm to me!

And carving pumpkins is always fun. Even in July.

This bit is at tribute to my partner, Amazin' Walter - who puts outhouses in nearly everything he carves. I give him a lot of shit about it, too.

"Shine On Harvest Moon" by sandy feet

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