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"Plenty of Fish"

Hampton Beach

Location: Hampton Beach, NH

Date: June 2006

Particulars: After Fred and before Kirk (part II) I briefly and cautiously explored the online dating scene. Scary! But the name of one site I looked at - - stuck in my head as a good title - and concept - for a sand sculpture.

Clearly I was still in "sandsculpting as therapy" mode.

The woman is playing an instrument - perhaps a ukulele? Her fishing pole is handy, and there appears to be plenty of fish around, but she doesn't seem to be all that eager to catch anything.

Perhaps she is rediscovering the fact that she is pretty good at entertaining herself, and perhaps she is reaching the conclusion that maybe, just maybe she doesn't really need a fish, after all...

Didn't win anything with this piece but I never really expected to. Most people have to pay for therapy, so in a way I guess I did win after all.

a few people got the reference ("a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle")

"Plenty of Fish" by sandy feet

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