sand sculpture by sandy feet

competitive sand sculpture photos

"Sun Salutation"

Costa Rica

Location: Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

Date: Feb. 2006

Particulars: This wasn't really a contest -- no winner (and no losers!) chosen -- but it was formatted much the same as a contest; we had limited time to work and complete freedom on subject matter. I had been taking yoga classes with my mom all winter and so was inspired to create a sculpture based on the sun salutation pose.

By completion time the sun was in the exact wrong place for photos, and by the next morning the sculpture was already seriously deteriorated. So, not so many good photos of the sculpture, I'm afraid.

But I _do have lots of shots of me and my friends having fun in Costa Rica -- which was pretty much the whole point of going since there was no money associated with this project. To the right is my favorite shot of all -- that's me and Kirk -- the ex-boyfriend who somehow transformed himself into the current object of my affections once again.

Many of these photos were taken by Amazin' Walter

of course we brought the ukes! Amazin' & Cali brought down the house with their rendition of "Jukule Lady"

too close for comfort...?

which one is the monkey?

a toucan spotted in the wild!

yet another romantic waterfall shot

the visiting sculptors with Yumi, our fearless leader (center front row)

"Sun Salutation" by sandy feet

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