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Rothenburg, Germany

room view My Guide Book (Rick Steve's Back Door to Europe) heartily recommended this Medieval walled city and when we saw how close it was to our route we decided to check it out.

Left: the view from our room at the Goldon Rose

Below: Hermit pulls into town


another window view It is quite touristy but we still managed to find quiet, off-the-beaten paths spots that weren't overrun by Austrian Daytrippers.

yet another window


trying the self timer our b

mcd Even McD changed its sign to accomodate the environment.

Below: A nice souvenir shop that offers a 10% discount to anyone who has Rick Steve's book. (They picked us off even before we had pulled the book out.) I took full advantage and purchased my first souvies of the journey.

gift shop

We dined on Italian food (again) and had a big beir (bier? they both look wrong) for dessert.

Looked around town a bit more in the morning then it was full steam ahead for Italy.

Our path led us through Austria and a little of Swittzerland and into the Italian Alps. It was great to start seeing signs in Italian - it looks more like Spanish and I could make educated guesses about what they were saying.


feet in the alps Our drive through the Alps had to be a quick one - but we were still able to appreciate the beauty the surrounded us. Perhaps we can spend a little more time on the return trip.

russell in repose

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