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Into Italy - Stresa to Jesolo

Once we got into Italy, we thought it ight be a good idea to look up Russell's friend Karen - "our man in Italy" - who is working in Stresa.

To do so, we had to navigate a twisty road around a very very large lake. It is a gorgous drive, fragrant with flowers in full bloom - big pastel bunches which I later found out are hydangea - and featuring some breathtaking architecture.

big lake

Russell & Karen

StresaUpon our arrival in Stresa, we found a waterfront pub and ordered up a very expensive beer while Russell tried to contact Karen.

It was here that we were introduced to the intricacies of using Italian phones. To make a long story short - we were not able to get in touch with her that night. So we found a cheap room, shared a pizza and a small bottle of wine and called it a day. Russell went to her place of employment the next morning and were able to hook up with her (picture at left.)

Then it was back on the road for the drive through Milan and onto Jesolo.

mirror view 


Lunch on the Road - a quick bite at a gas station on the motorway

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