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Come join Dune Dog, Wags and a few of their best buddies for "happy Dog Hour" as we celebrate Duner's "Lucky 13" Birthday, Friday, May 15, 4-7 pm in sandy feet's backyard (117 E. Saturn.)

Local Dogs and their owners are invited to partake of yummy things to eat and drink (Dennis will be firing up his new grill!) as we gather around Dune's favorite hangout - the backyard sandbox.

(Please note: If your friend is a macho male alpha dog, it may be a good idea to leave him home for this one. We will be happy to send you home with a doggy bag for him, however!)

You may send regrets/birthday wishes directly to the old man at duner@unlitter.com (at his age I think he rates his own e-mail address, don't you?)

Dune Dog's E-mail

It is with deepest regret that I (Maggie) won't be able to attend your most glorious 13th birthday. You have a very loving mom to give you such a party. We will be out of town on that day, No matter what anybody says, wheezing and all, I think your the hottest stud on the island.

Maybe we can get together sometime else, you know when it's more private (if you know what I mean) hey big boy??????

Love, Maggie

13 years old. Do you know how old that is for a dog -- even a dune dog? What have you been doing -- eating health food? Naaaaaaa. I bet it's good genes and good treatment from Sandy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUNE DOG.


Charles Fincher

Duner...Your photo is wonderful and what a truly lucky dog to have your own Website...I thought about you on Mother's Day and I hoped you thought about me,t oo, but I bet Sophie was more on your mind than I was!!!

We all hope you have a great party and we will send you a special LUCKY 13 present, as we will not be able to make the trip..But we hope to see you later this year and play at the Beach with you..

Love, Annette, Mollie, Geedy and Sweet Sophie...

P.S> Hi Sandy Feet!!

Sorry Duner, but I will be in New Orleans for my Brothers Graduation fromCollege. Congrats though.


Guess what!! JayNita and Dolly has just sent you an animated greeting card You can pick up your personal greeting by connecting to the following WWW Address


Happy Birthday big guy.

I regret not being there, but gotta do business in Phoenix. I'll see a lot of red sand but not much water.


Jerry Boehm

see the pictures from last year's party 


To: Dune Dog

From: Dolly Stephens (in Big D)

Wishing you a "Happy 13 th Birthday" with lots of doggy treats and many more happy years. Look at me: I'm 15 years old! I envy you getting to play catch along the beach.

Hey Duner Bugs! Your ol' pal Uncle Dennis here. I'm getting ready for your party and gathering up supplies. This is gonna be a really cool party in the ol'sandbox! I'll be bringing over my new grill... What do you want me to cook up? Hot dogs, sausages, BBQ-ed shrimp... maybe I should also order some pizza? Yeah, I thought so. It is one of your favorites. Let me know what you want on it. OK?

Just email me back. Your backyard is looking great! See you at the party!


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