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professional sand sculpture, sand sculpture instruction, and sandy beach billboards by sandy feet & co.

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Let's build a sandcastle!!

Welcome to Sandy Feet Sand Castle Services

If you're looking to have more fun at the beach, you have come to the right place!

Here at Sandy Feet, we provide you with professional sand sculptures, sand sculpture instructions and sandy beach billboards. Located in South Padre Island, Texas-one of the few places in the world where you can receive private and group sand sculpting lessons - we have been carving sand castles since 1989, and serving tens of thousands of customers through lessons designed for every budget.

Ready to get started? We'd love to show you what you could do after 1.5 hours of sand castle instruction from Sandy Feet. We're pleased to offer you:

  • Multiple Instructors: No matter what your schedule is, we can accommodate you. Just fill out our handy, no-obligation lesson request form to get started.
  • Customizable Lessons: We'll show you the endless number of ways you can use your name, logo, greeting and URL on a sand castle.
  • All Tools Provided: You heard that right. And we'll even leave you with a few so the fun can continue!
  • Affordable Rates: Carve with us for as low as $40. We work with all ages, skill levels and at all locations on South Padre Island.

We're ultimately here to help you learn to build a better sand castle from world-class master sand sculptor, Lucinda "Sandy Feet" Wierenga. Lucinda has taught sand castle building and techniques through private lessons, and her best-selling book, "Sand Castles Made Simple". She creates custom beach billboards for all occasions, sandy furniture, and semi-permanent garden sculptures at her sandcastle themed guesthouse, The Sandbox Inn, located on South Padre Island.

For more information, please contact us today at 956-459-2928. We can't wait to carve sand castles with you and look forward to meeting you on the beach at South Padre Island.

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Sand Sculpture Photos
by sandy feet herself!

The Sand Castle Trail
sandy feet's latest project - located on her home beach - South Padre Island, TX

I've been at this for a while now...

Sand Carving Tools
made in the USA, used and endorsed by the best sand sculptors in the world

Sand Castle Lessons
all sized groups, all skill levels, all locations -- reserve online!

Beach Billboards
Customized with your greeting, logo, URL, etc.

Logo Stones, Pot Heads & Garden Art
foam cores, treated to last

My Book - SandCastles Made Simple

My YouTube Channel

The SandBox Inn
Stay with sandy feet next time!

Home Beach
see what's shakin' on South Padre Island

Sandy Seats
Eco-friendly sofas, thrones, etc. I can help you build from sand and water

Have More Fun at the Beach Forever!

south padre island sand castle
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Look what you can do after just 1.5 hours of sandcastle instruction from sandy feet! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Multiple Instructors so whatever day/time you want, we can accommodate you. Just fill out our handy no-obligation lesson request form to get started.

Customizable in an endless number of ways with your name, logo, greeting, URL, etc.

All Tools Provided -- and we'll even leave you with a few so you can keep playing after we go.

Rates start as low as $50. We work with all ages, all skill levels and at all locations on South Padre Island!

Click Here to see detailed descriptions of every lesson we offer!

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Vacation Rentals at the SandBox Inn

sand castle building

Drive/Ride/Stroll on by

and take a look at the constantly-evolving sand sculpture garden in the front yard of the SandBox Inn - 117 E. Saturn Lane, South Padre Island. This dog-friendly vacation rental is like nothing else on South Padre Island. Stay with sandy feet and get a free sandcastle lesson!

While you are out and about, you should hit the trail - the South Padre Island Sand Castle Trail!

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  • Update: Emerson the sandcastle guy is back on the island and ready to help you and your family/friends build the best sandcastle ever!

    Logo Stones, Pot Heads and Garden Art

    The perfect gift for the SPIslander who has everything (except a sandy feet original!)

    best sand castle

    Marriage proposal sculptures, wedding sculptures, happy birthday/anniversary/retirement sculptures,
    memorial sculptures, etc. etc.

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