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updated 9/19/99

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feetyang bullitI just booked flights to two of the biggest events on the professional sand sculpture contest circuit: The World Championship in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia (Sept. 7-14) and the North American Championship at the Virginia Beach Neptunefest (Sept 22-26).

feetyang bullitI will once again be traveling with my laptop and digital camera and be posting live updates from both contest sites (click here for the World Championship page and here for Virginia Beach) These pages get pretty good traffic and it seems to me that there would be some benefit to be gained (for both me and potential advertisers) to "sell" banner advertising on them.

feetyang bullitFor a small donation (no check is too large!) I will be happy to put banners/links to contributers' sites and include your names/logos on my plot signage. This is a great way to show your support for my efforts to represent South Padre Island and the great state of Texas - while also benefitting from the exposure that my sand sculpture always manages to attract.

feetyang bullitInterested? Call (956-761-6222) or e-mail and let's talk! Want to see where your banner could be? Click here! or here!

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