sand sculpture by sandy feet

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"Our Lady of Perpetual Motion"

Tournament of Champions 2007

Location: Harrison Hot Springs

Date: May, 2007

Team: Trowel and Error - with Kirk Rademaker

Particulars: The idea was o-so-simple: Build a cathedral-like structure composed almost completely from engine parts with angel mechanics and cyborg gargoyles. How obvious!

But did we succeed? You be the judge (literally. Visitors to Harrison will be able to cast their votes through June 30, 2007 and the sculptures will be on display through Oct. If you get the chance you should definitely check out this show of incredible sculpture on display. more info...

"Our Lady of Perpetual Motion" by sandy feet and Kirk Rademaker

The Wrap Party at Sasquatch RV Park

Feet on Fire - Photo by Christy McDonald

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