sand sculpture by sandy feet

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"More Fun Than Television"

World Championship 2006

Location: Harrison Hotsprings, British Columbia

Date: Sept. 2006

Category: Solo

Particulars: It has been a long time since I built a purely architectural piece in a competition. This was a lot of fun. I believe there are 13 tiny televisions in this sculpture... all of them featuring tiny smiling Katie Courics.

I loved listening to peoples' reactions to this one. Some saw the story I thought I was telling: The lovers are the ones having more fun. But I also heard "watching the neighbors make out in front of their window is more fun than Katie Couric."

I think it works both ways. One sculpture; two stories. Cool.

Really missed Joe this year. one view of this tribute castle

"More Fun Than Television" by sandy feet - Photo by Amazin' Walter

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