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Cape Town, South Africa


Xiltla, Mexico


Europe Tour

Europe Tour 6/10-7/5 1998

let's go!

I am going to Europe this summer and you are invited to come along -- in a virtual kinda way, of course. You too can spend a night with me in a real Irish castle, tag along as I do the Amsterdam Pub Crawl and hike up an Alpine mountain trail. Maybe we will hop on a gondola in Venice, check out some sculpture in Rome and the excavations in Pompeii -- we're going to keep the itinerary flexible -- but you will certainly enjoy peering over my shoulder as I build the best sandcastle I can in Jesolo - on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

Yes, my friends, this is your big opportunity to go where I go, see what I see and feel what I feel! And all you will need to accompany me on my journey is access to a powerful computer and a fast modem!

That's right -- I will be traveling with my laptop computer and digital camera so that I can post regular updates detailing all the fun I am having.

(Disclaimer: This is of course assuming that my European dial up access is all it claims to be, that my Powerbook and/or digital camera are not stolen at the airport; that my modem is not fried by an unmarked digital telephone system and that I really understand all the phone and electrical adaptor stuff as well as I think I do.)


Christmas Card

My Itinerary

My arrival


Cregg Castle

To Holland


Dune Dog

Into Italy

Jesolo, Italy


The Alps (again)





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