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8/25/98 - 7/17/04

On 8/25/98 "Phoebe" moved into my house and my heart. She was a resident of our local animal shelter , 7-8 years old, very smart and she slid into our daily routines with very little adjustment involved. more....

Snapshot 12/6/98: Wags is a winner! Course he always has been but now it is official - he won first place in his class at the Isle-Ditter-Dog Races at Charlies yesterday (that's my dog!)

wags wins!

Here are older pictures of my pals and me enjoying life!

This is me and Dune Dog when we both were a whole lot younger... (photo by the amazin' walter) 


Phoebe's first day at sandy feet's beach retreat Aug. 25, 1998

Peach as a Puppy
Photo by Amazin' Walter

The Dog Pages

I love my dogs. Dune Dog - gone but not forgotten. Wags - "my little rock of Gibraltor" - outlasted one marriage and four serious relationships to finally pass away at the ripe old age of 19 years young. Phoebe - a silky princess eternally recovering from a sadness she communicated only with her eyes. Peach - my first puppy in a long time.

It is hard to describe how much all of them have enriched my life. These web pages are a humble attempt to do just that.

Duner was born May 15, 1985 - an event I celebrate on that date every year. He came to live with me on the beach a few months later. In 1992 he brought Wags home with him - telling me (in so many words) "this guy needs a place to live and we get along pretty well so...what do you think?"

Wags, DuneDog and Scattercat

Well, I didn't really want another dog in my life, but adopting Wags was one of the best things I ever did.

Dune Dog passed away June 15, 1998. I was in Italy at the time to compete in a sandsculpture contest and spent my first morning in town constructing a sand monument to my first dog.

Snapshot 8/23/07: This is a photo of me saying goodbye to my old buddy dog. Wags went to sleep in the sandbox for the last time on Aug. 18, 2007, relieving me of the need to make that decision every dog lover dreads having to make. He was a remarkable little creature, full of life and joy, who inspired several articles:

and here is a Wags Slideshow


Burst onto the scene in June 25, 2006 - Raybo (my favorite dogsitter) and I went to the animal shelter where this little girl demanded we bring her home with us.

Aug. 2007

feetand pups 

Happy Dog Hour with Phoebe and Wags 8/14/99

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